exploring web + film since 1999

Wanting to figure out how how the web would help cash-strapped indie filmmakers, two friends dropped out of their film degree in 2000 to focus on Netribution. Two weeks later the dotcom bubble burst, but they continued, kept afloat making documentaries and writing books. Netribution is still trying to answer that question, working between research, web development, filmmaking and publishing.

Web publishing


A curated weekly web magazine and extensive free resource for indie filmmakers running from 1999 - 2002, with 99 issues and thousands of contributed articles and contents. Relaunched in 2006 as an open access, user-generated film culture magazine with daily (or more) updates up until 2009.


Hello Ideas

Research and development, with a focus on the film and creative sector, cooperatives, rights, audiences, and open source.

Print publishing

Fund your film

Over three editions the Film Finance Handbook grew to cover over 1000 funds and the tax regimes in dozens of countries, selling over 11,000 copies around the world.

Open Video

Visual comms

Creative web design, development & filmmaking.